Eduardo Kac

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1962

Eduardo Kac, a Brazilian artist living in the United States, his work explores the fluidity of the subject’s position in the post-digital world, questioning evolution, memory and even the condition of creation. A representative of the art of the new media, he is internationally renowned for his interactive installations and his Bio Art works, in which he explores the connections between the physical and the virtual, the biological and the technological. In 2000 he achieved worldwide fame for the creation of Alba, a real live fluorescent rabbit. This genetically-modified rabbit was created in the French National Institute for Agricultural Research by adding the fluorescent green protein gene from a type of jellyfish to it. To the naked eye it was completely normal, but when examined under a blue light it emitted a fluorescent green glow. This project gave rise to a huge number of critical discourses regarding the legal, ethical or aesthetical aspects of art, science and society in relation to the developments of gene technology.