Elmyr de Hory

Budapest, 1906 - Ibiza, 1976

Elmyr de Hory, whose real name was Elemér Hoffmann, is considered one of the great art forgers of history (the great masters he interpreted include Picasso, Derain, Matisse, Modigliani or Van Dongen). It is said that he managed to see numerous forged works hung up in important collections and museums around the world. His artistic production leads one to reflect on basic issues within the art system, like the concept of authorship and the essence in the artwork, making us question the concepts of truth and lie, of reality and fiction in the art world. A peculiar character, a bon vivant and a lover of luxury, he lived in Ibiza for sixteen years. Clifford Irving wrote a biographical book about the figure of de Hory and Orson Welles made F for Fake (1973), a film which also focussed on the artist’s life. At the end of his life he achieved what he had actually sought, social recognition of his talent, even though it was through the recreation of the styles of the greats, and not his own. His works, under his name, have come to form part of important collections all over the world and relevant museums and art centres have devoted exhibitions to his life and work.



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