Hermen Anglada-Camarasa

Barcelona, 1871 – Port de Pollença, Mallorca 1959

Hermen Anglada-Camarasa was educated at the Llotja School in Barcelona. His work prior to his arrival in Paris is characterised by a particular apologia of night, in which he painted multiple nocturnal scenes au natural. In 1904, now established in the French capital, his work featured a coloristic focus and an interest in treating light. His large-scale compositions with Valencian and gypsy themes date from this period. Anglada-Camarasa went to Port de Pollença (Mallorca) in 1914, which launched a new stage featuring the Mallorcan landscape as a protagonist. He was named an honourable member of the Hispanic Society of New York in 1917. Anglada-Camarasa abandoned the island during the Spanish Civil War and returned there in 1948 after spending some time in Montserrat (Catalonia).

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