Josep Guinovart

Barcelona, 1927-2007

Having started out as a house painter, the artist Josep Guinovart i Bertran, a drawer, illustrator, poster artist, engraver and contributor to theatre set design projects, was one of the great post-war painters. Josep Guinovart and his family suffered under the Civil War, being forced to change their residence as a consequence of it. Guinovart was awarded a grant to complete his studies in Paris, entering into contact there with Tàpies, Chillida and Palazuelo, and also becoming close to members of the Dau al Set group, who helped inspire a personal style in him which he evolved over the years. In 1955 he founded the Taüll team with Jaume Muixart, Antoni Tàpies and Joan Josep Tharrats, and was also involved in the Barcelona section of the Estampa Popular group. International recognition came to him in the ‘eighties, and this artist’s connection to Mallorca led him to visit the island frequently and to his artistic collaboration on several projects.


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