Juan Genovés

Valencia, 1930 - Madrid, 2020

Juan Genovés studied at the School of Fine Arts in his native city, and later settled in Madrid, where he lived and worked until the end. A restless painter, preoccupied with the need to renew Spanish art and the function of art and the artist in society, his conviction of the transformative power of art and his commitment led him to become a member of highly significant collectives on the Spanish post-war scene: Los Siete (1949), Parpalló (1956) and Hondo (1960). He was one of the figures who gave impetus to the new realist figuration that developed in Spain from the ‘sixties on, a practice he was able to structure from a social and protest perspective, and which he later developed to include references from the medium of photography and the mass media.


Works in the collection