Lida Abdul

Kābul, 1973

Lida Abdul currently lives and works in Kābul (Afghanistan) and Los Angeles (USA), after having lived in Germany and India as a refugee as a result of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Through video art, performance, photography and installations, her work combines the aesthetic traditions that influence culture and Afghan art and addresses destruction, the loss of roots and the relationship between identity and architecture.

Her work has been presented at the Venice Biennale (2005), the Kunsthalle in Vienna and the Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem in the Netherlands, among others, and she has participated in several festivals in Spain, Mexico, Germany and Uzbekistan. Her work forms part of international collections such as the Museum of Modern Art of New York, the Fonds Régional d’Art Contemporain de Lorraine, the Metz and the Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Turin, among others.


Works in the collection