Miguel Font

Palma de Mallorca, 1948

After training as a photographer at the Richter-Elisava school in Barcelona, he returned to Palma de Mallorca, where he set up a studio and has lived ever since. Aside from his facet as an artist, he has also worked on advertising and illustration projects and collaborated with artists, art galleries and communications media. On a technical level, Font produces a large part of his photographic work in black and white, using Kodak Tri-X A film to attain contract and definition.

He never manipulates his photos; their composition is exactly as this Mallorcan photographer decides before shooting, along the purest lines of documentary photographers. Font develops his work around people, anonymous faces portrayed in everyday scenes, as is reflected in his series devoted to cities like Palma, Havana or Tel Aviv, his most recent project.

He has published the book “Cuba/Mallorca. Pasión en blanco y negro” (1999) with writer Miquel Segura, and held individual exhibitions in different art centres on the island: Centre de Cultura de Sa Nostra (1989), Col·legi d’Arquitectes de les Balears COAB (1989), Galerias Costa (1994), Galeria Mediterrània (2001), Casal Solleric (2004) and Casa Museo Joaquín Torrens Lladó (2011).