Es Baluard Museu is art, culture, modernity and innovation and invites the entire civil society to form part of its project, from private companies, entities and collectives.

Individuals will be able to collaborate in the Amics d’Es Baluard and/or Voluntary programs. For the seventh band, the companies, entities and associations can do it through sponsorships and venues.

Linking to the Es Baluard Museu is to share the same mission, vision and values: to bring art closer to all audiences, to promote educational programs, to promote the contemporary art for expository projects and to preserve the permanent collection of the Museu. In short, add value and social reconnection.

Es Baluard Museu offers a series of considerations for the collaborations of sponsorships and venues. Both of them would like to see the participation of their collaborators and sponsors offering their exhibition program, in addition to activities of various kinds due to a wide profile of visitors.