As its bases establish, Es Baluard is a catalyst and transmitter of history, contemporary tendencies and training through programmes of exhibitions, activities and educational cycles, as well as a living laboratory for current creative practices. Its goal is to promote art and culture through activities that include all audiences.

The support of companies and individuals, in short of the society it addresses and takes on the sense of, is essential for its mission and contributes to the museum’s objectives: to bring contemporary art closer to all audiences, to promote educational programmes, to promote contemporary art with new exhibition projects and to preserve and foster the museum’s permanent collection.

Es Baluard wishes to invite the different entities and companies to feel part of this project. Es Baluard represents art, culture, modernity and innovation, all of it linked to an ambitious multicultural project in which it hopes for the involvement of the entrepreneurial network. To link your brand and image to Es Baluard is to add value and social recognition, to share the museum’s mission and understand its raison d’être: a culturally-educated society will be a better society.

For its part, Es Baluard offers a series of compensations for the collaboration of sponsorships and patronage intrinsic to the commitment to a stable project.