Member of Es Baluard

To be a Member of Es Baluard, a friend of the museum, is to participate in the dissemination of art and culture, to become part of a special community that works to offer quality exhibitions as well as multiple activities throughout the year, from leisure to conferences and ongoing educational and training programmes, being continuously active with all its audiences and interlocutors.

If you are a Member of Es Baluard you can participate in the following activities: exclusive guided tours with the curators or artists, visits to artists’ studios, conferences, workshops, discounts in the Book Shop, etc.

  • Visit to the Lara Fluxà exhibition
  • Visit to the Elena del Rivero exhibition
  • Visit to the "The Parallel Utopia. Dreamt Cities in Cuba (1980-1993)" exhibition
  • Visit to the Rafael Tur Costa exhibition
  • Visit to Luis Feito studio
  • Visit to Bernardí Roig studio
  • Visit to Amador studio
  • Visit to Teresa Matas studio
  • Visit to Miramar

Become a Member of Es Baluard


Individual pass with companion

Annual Contribution: 50 €

Benefits +

Member with reduced fare

Individual pass with companion with a reduced rate for students, unemployed, retired people and over 65s

Annual Contribution: 25 €

Benefits +

Family Membership

Pass for the whole family.

Annual Contribution: 100 €

Benefits +

Benefactor Membership

Special collaboration with the museum with an individual pass with 3 companions

Annual Contribution: 350 €

Benefits +