Es Baluard is a modern and contemporary art museum, and we would like to insist on the fact that we are a public service which should be open to citizens.

Which is why we need your participation, trust and commitment to a culture that belongs to all of us. One of the projects that is being set in motion in this regard is the Es Baluard Volunteer Programme.

If you are interested in culture, would like to be informed and are keen on forming part of the project, go ahead and come to see us to find out what we are proposing.


Es Baluard is a museum of modern and contemporary art that conserves and displays the artistic heritage of the Balearic Islands and is dedicated to contemporary creation as a centre for the community and multifaceted international cultural infrastructure.

With its vocation for public service, the Es Baluard centre needs and believes in the participation of citizens, of people with diverse cultural interests who feel the need to take action and come and form part of this project because they feel it belongs to them too. Which is why, on the 10th anniversary of its inauguration, Es Baluard is setting up this new volunteer programme.

Volunteer work is performed by committed individuals who selflessly offer up their time and effort without expecting anything in exchange other than being able to feel proud of their contribution to others, and to society.

For more information, queries or suggestions, contact the coordinators of the Es Baluard Volunteer Programme by telephone or e-mail:
Tel.: 971908200