Arxiu Balears

The “Arxiu Balears” is a project by Es Baluard designed to diffuse the art of the Balearic Islands: it consists of a digital platform for discovering the creators and agents linked to the museum’s collection and the local and international art scene associated to them. This project is based on video interviews of the main figures from the past and present history that generates the museum as a living, constantly-evolving entity. The “Arxiu Balears” can be consulted freely on the Internet and is parallel to the documentation and research work on the museum’s collection, which will be unified via a free software content manager.

Conceived as a fundamental work in progress for research, conservation, cataloguing and diffusion of creation, the “Arxiu Balears” came into being in April of 2013 and has videoed more than 60 art professionals to date, including artists, collectors and designers, and currently hosts over 50 hours of footage.

The idea is to integrate this on-line archive in open code with the documentation and cataloguing of the works in the collection and the history of modern and contemporary art on the islands through the different agents who can speak of them and their experiences, installing oral transmission processes via the physical presence and memory of those who created the work or certain events.

Es Baluard has made part of this content public and it can now be consulted on the Vimeo page:

Until now, Es Baluard has published the videos of the following artists: