Contemporary And (C&) Platform for International art from African Perspectives

  • Dates: 18th June to 11th August 2019
  • Place: Intermedi

Es Baluard continues the research project “Africa. What Africa?”, which aims to reflect on what we talk about when we speak of Africa in the context of art, in an attempt to make a critical approach of a cartography of the paths that are emanated or which come and go in connection with this continent that is so close to us.

With the aim of continuing to move forward with the project “Africa. What Africa?” we have invited Contemporary And (C&). Platform for International art from African perspetives to present their line of research and diffusion. Since 2013, Contemporary And (C&) has presented itself as an art magazine and dynamic space for the reflection on and union of ideas, discourses and information on contemporary artistic practice from diverse African perspectives.

C& publishes articles, columns, reviews and weekly interviews in French and English at They also work with the most prominent figures on the global art scene; their international network enables them to constantly present emerging artists before they embark on their career in the art world. Thanks to this, established and emerging cultural producers from Africa and the diaspora can reach an international audience and broaden their networks, both virtual and in physical spaces. In addition, C& has expanded into several different channels, such as the publication of C& Print Issues and the physical C& Library. In spring of 2018, a new online edition of Contemporary And was launched: C& América Latina, focussed on lending visibility to the important connection between Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa,