• Anselm Kiefer. Works from the Grothe Collection
  • Anselm Kiefer. Works from the Grothe Collection
Anselm Kiefer. Works from the Grothe Collection


With "Anselm Kiefer. Works from the Grothe Collection", the first individual and retrospective exhibition of the artist in the Balearic Islands, Es Baluard Museu d'Art Modern i Contemporani de Palma is celebrating its fifth anniversary. The exhibition is co-organized with Bancaja and curated by Walter Smerling, president of the Stiftung für Kunst un Kultur in Bonn, and presents carefully selected works created by the artist between the beginning of the 1980s and today.In huge format, with tangible, violent strokes, from a practically monochromatic palette of colours, mixed with materials such as tar, straw, lead, wood, ash, plaster, plants and flowers, giving visual and emotive impact to his work.They are very significant works of Anselm Kiefer's career, as well as being a worldwide reference point for the investigation and conquest of new forms of expression for interpreting the world and an immersion in the sources of knowledge.

"Anselm Kiefer. Works from the Grothe Collection" presents a new view of the work of this German artist, who was born in 1945 in Donaueschingen and now resides in France. He is interested in retrieving the historical memory of his country – the dramas and consequences of the Second World War -, as well as in Kabbalah, Jewish Christianity and mythology, among other subjects that allow him to enter into their inner world through metaphors, allegories and frequent literary references to Paul Celan, Ingeborg Bachmann, Goethe, Heidegger, among many other thinkers, who endow his work with great intellectual weight. In this respect, such works as “Voyage au bout de la nuit” and “Groβe Fracht”, as well as the series “The secret life of plants”, stand out.

Kiefer works interrogate the observer, they make one question the past, present and also future through the paintings, as the drama, the questions and the provocation arise from the heart of the painting. In the words of Walter Smerling, "Kiefer's work is a continuous challenge to the senses and the spirit".
The pieces presented here form part of the collection belonging to the Grothe family, who have been connected to Mallorca for years. The family began acquiring contemporary German artworks, with notable sensitivity, from the 1970s until the present, gathering together a magnificent collection selected on the basis of great criteria.
Location-Hall: Floor 0
Production: Es Baluard Museu d'Art Modern i Contemporani de Palma and Fundación Bancaja

31st January 2009 → 30th August 2009
Curator: Walter Smerling

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