Ballard Baluard

Opening: 25th October, 2018 (7.30pm) + Performative intervention with Francisco Ruiz de Infante (7pm)

Location: Gabinet

In a civilisation dominated by interaction via screens, the alteration of urban habits, uncertain landscapes, accident and violence, climatic mutations and dystopia, the influence and the situations predicted by the writer J.G. Ballard are increasingly tangible.

For reasons connected to spelling, when one searches the name of the Es Baluard museum on Google or social networks, one of the options that come is “Ballard”, the surname of the writer James Graham Ballard (Shanghai, 15th November 1930 – London, 19th April 2009) who lived for most of his life in a little house in Shepperton, a suburb of London next to the airport, which is an island in itself,  both close and distant. These coincidences and some others have led us to generate a context of reflection in our Gabinet space, in order to research some of the basic questions he set forth, based on the museum’s collection and certain little-known works.

26th October 2018 → 17th March 2019
Production: Es Baluard Museu d'Art Modern i Contemporani de Palma
Investigation team: Begoña Méndez, Josep María Nadal Suau, Irene Llàcer, Soad Houman and Nekane Aramburu.