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“Gabinet: 6×6” presents the photography scene of the early ‘nineties in Mallorca – a crucial time for the emerging signature photography movement – through a series that reveals some of the fundamental issues of the period: experimentation in photography from a conceptual stance and a concern with the body, AIDS… A new generation of photographers, represented by some of the figures who were more active on the island from 1991 to 1992, were invited to work on the theme of sex, conceiving proposals in accordance with their own particular, personal discourse.

The images constructed by Carlos Agustín, Pepe Cañabate, Pere Colom, Amparo Garrido, Miquel Massutí and Ramon Rabal highlight the hybridization of photography and the plastic arts, with a play on metaphor, reflecting pre-digital resources and languages.

Although President Ronald Reagan did not publicly pronounce the word “AIDS” until 1987, the cultural and artistic context channelled a transformation in the representation of the “self” and the “other” by proposing new subjectivities and commitments regarding the body, fear of the disease and personal relations.

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Collection Es Baluard artworks included in the exhibition
30th May 2014 → 8th September 2014

Exhibition carried out within the programme of PalmaPhoto 2014

Carlos Agustín, Pepe Cañabate, Pere Colom, Amparo Garrido, Miquel Massutí, Ramon Rabal