• Marina Planas, Torre de control de Son Sant Joan, 1966. Variable dimensions © Fons Planas, Marina Planas, 2020
  • General view of the exhibition hall «Marina Planas. War approaches to Tourism: all inclusive», Es Baluard Museu d’Art Contemporani de Palma, 2020. © Es Baluard Museu, 2020
  • Marina Planas, Desfile Passeig Marítim, 1953. Variable dimensions © Fons Planas, Marina Planas, 2020
  • Marina Planas, S'Hort del Rei, undated. Variable dimensions © Fons Planas, Marina Planas, 2020
Marina Planas, Torre de control de Son Sant Joan, 1966. Variable dimensions © Fons Planas, Marina Planas, 2020

Marina Planas. War approaches to Tourism: all inclusive

Location: Floor 1

“Marina Planas. War approaches to Tourism: all inclusive” presents a project that questions us regarding the use or abuse of regions that become tourist destinations from a work with archive images of diverse nature. Based on the construction of different devices, it activates a series of reflections that run through some of the urgent points of contemporary thought – ranging from historical memory, which is necessary to understand the current situation, to the environment or feminisms.

Planas establishes three lines of interpretation that are related to one another, and shows the evolution of tourism and the conflicts arising from the devastation of territories, as well as the cultural transformations that affect the life of local inhabitants, accentuating the idea that associates a certain type of tourism with impoverishment and destruction.

Firstly, she creates a mosaic from which she serves us up multiple images accompanied by texts. The artist promotes different narrative codes, with the aim of questioning the spectator. Image and text enter into dialogue from the basis of difference, and it is the user who makes the effort of thinking about where the contradiction lies. Secondly, not without irony, she recreates one of the habitual settings of low-quality tourism with a site-specific intervention that turns the exhibition room into a vacation space where visitors will be able to rent for one day, adhering to the museum’s customary schedule and price list. And finally, by way of a happy ending, she frames the entire proposal with a typical and topical image of the landscape understood from a stance of commercial exoticism.

This artist’s work fits into one of the lines of research of present-day artistic practices, through which reflections are also made on the exploitation of images. The ensemble enables us to move closer to the need to rethink history, seen as a territorial aspect but also a political, artistic and sociological one. In this way, Planas establishes different levels of interpretation using an unregulated cataloguing of the archive images.

With this exhibition, Es Baluard Museu commences a new line of action focussing on the production of projects by local mid-career artists: Marina Planas Antich (Palma, 1983) is a visual artist, researcher and cultural producer. Her family worked producing postcards for the tourism industry during the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s, generating the iconography and holiday images of the Balearic Islands. In the last few years, her oeuvre has centred on work with and on images and the idea of generating a fiction and a desire by means of the tourist utopia. 

21st February 2020 → 27th September 2020
Curator: Imma Prieto

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