• Nauzet Mayor, Untitled, 2022 (detail). Mixed media, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist © of the work of art, Nauzet Mayor, 2023. Photograph: courtesy of David Bonet
Nauzet Mayor, Untitled, 2022 (detail). Mixed media, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist © of the work of art, Nauzet Mayor, 2023. Photograph: courtesy of David Bonet

Nauzet Mayor.
Body on the Run: Membrane and Transition

Location: Exhibition Hall D

Bodies undone, moments of emotional alteration, pauses charged with desire, and everything up close. Nauzet Mayor uses sculpture to offer emotional intensity through textures and membranes, gesturality and presence. His sculptural production strives for proximity, enabling us to perceive fissures, breaks, blending and overlays. His―physical―work is charged with convulsive moments that are transformed into choreographic situations, the pieces poised in a present tense that is latent and activated.

In his work, Mayor combines a clinical way of seeing with the poetic possibility of desire, shifting between a psychological approximation to bodies and the acceptance of their physicality, quite beyond the logic of sense.

The exhibition “Body on the Run: Membrane and Transition” is presented as a dialogue between fragmentary bodies, along with the bodies of all those who enter the new exhibition space created inside the gallery itself: with a stretched membrane, a site for process is created, a place for ambiguity, an altered moment, an impasse allowing for proximity and engaged observation. The sculpture, and the exhibition, feature a performative layer where any incisive gaze might approximate microscopic detail, the raw gesture and constant flow connecting each piece in the show.

Bodies undone that become a broken language; bodies that seek each other out and find each other in a place, in a shelter that makes it possible to build on the basis of fragments and cuttings. Each object in “Body on the Run: Membrane and Transition” is meaningful charge, each encounter a construction of language, despite not dealing with any precise language. Instead, it is a sullied, in-process language that needs to be put into practice to be able to distance itself from itself. Nauzet Mayor’s exhibition is thus that precise moment when what is presumed to be empty space is transformed into a series of temporary exchanges, of constant construction. For this activation to be developed, the presence of bodies is essential: bodies that are works, bodies that are connectors. Bodies that are fragments.

Nauzet Mayor (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1980) lives in Mallorca, where he carries out his artistic production. He has exhibited his art at Casa de Cultura de Felanitx, Casal Solleric, Addaya Centre d’Art Contemporani and at Galeria Fran Reus. With a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, his work is multidisciplinary, encompassing issues such as new interaction technologies in contemporary society, sculptural composition, emphasising on contemporary figuration of the body, and concern for artistic labour as a multifactorial battlefield criss-crossing the artist’s everyday existence.

17th February 2023 → 28th May 2023
Curator: Martí Manen
Members of Es Baluard
Exclusive visit with Nauzet Mayor and Martí Manen
February 16th, 6 pm
Requirement: being Member of Es Baluard