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"Power Food" is the vigorous title of the Project created by Miralda-FoodCulturaMuseum, which offers a very personal view of food and nutrition culture. Since two years ago the FoodCultura team led by the artist has worked at developing this poetic and powerful view of food in a universal anthropological environment. The exhibition proposes a network of connections linking food to energy and to medicine, as well as to rituals, tradition, beliefs and popular culture. It analyzes the relationships that are established between this basic need and the control, marketing, and representations of power. It therefore offers a look at one of the main driving forces of our culture, our economy, and our social relations.

The aphrodisiac values associated with armadillo meat have survived until the present day, now attached to Viagra. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde appear side by side with witches and with Popeye’s spinach, which became a legend of child nutrition thanks to a typographic error on the amount of iron that it contained. All of these elements are paradigmatic of many common customs, representations and beliefs in contemporary culture. They have been illustrated with projections, posters, recipes, and advertising slogans, as well as a range of containers that formally represent the powers of the product that they contain: bottles and other recipients that are anthropomorphic or include religious imagery, phallus shaped decanters, all representing a direct transformation of food into concepts within our culture. Lively colours, a popular kitsch aesthetic, and the deployment of codes of seduction, tie the object to health or to success in social relationships, while transporting us from fascination, to recognition or surprise.

Location-Hall: Floor -1
Production: Es Baluard Museu d'Art Modern i Contemporani de Palma and Artium

21st February 2009 → 24th May 2009