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Miguel Ángel Campano. Accents and difference
17th September 2020
Entering the universe of Miguel Ángel Campano (Madrid, 1948 – Cercedilla, Madrid, 2018) means to approach a multiplicity of references, influences and styles. The project “Accents and difference” is a review of those moments that have been crucial...
Teresa Margolles. The Stone
17th September 2020
What does it mean to go from carretillera, a handcart porter, to trochera? Quite likely, many of us are unfamiliar with the meaning of the second word; yet it is not a question of rhetoric, it denotes resignation. The question st...
Ana Vieira. The home and the escape
20th February 2020
ANA VIEIRA. The home and the escape” is the first international solo show by this Portuguese artist (Coimbra, 1940 – Lisbon, 2016) outside her native country. Through a series of works in different formats (photography, installation, vid...
Martha Rosler. How Do We Get There From Here?
20th February 2020
Martha Rosler (New York) pioneered the use of video as a tool for social and political analysis. Her practice is built on a multiplicity of artistic languages such as photography, collage or performance, and different ways of activating the social...
Marina Planas. War approaches to Tourism: all inclusive
20th February 2020
“MARINA PLANAS. War approaches to Tourism: all inclusive” presents a project that questions us regarding the use or abuse of regions that become tourist destinations from a work with archive images of diverse nature. Based on the construction of d...

Welcome to the Es Baluard communication office. The Communication area centralizes the relationship of the museum with the media or directly with its partners in online communication. In this area of the press you can find dossiers and informative notes, images, audios and videos as well as other resources.

Also available is material that may be useful when it comes to informing about the exhibitions, activities and, in general, the projects we carry out in Es Baluard. For reasons of image rights or for its high resolution, some of the images are not available in this free download zone but we can provide it quickly if you request it.

Likewise, in case you want to inform or develop comprehensive reports of any of our exhibitions or any activity, in this second case according to availability, we can provide you with a free entry provided that you are certified as a journalist or critic.

It is permissible to take photographs or record videos in the museum's exhibitions provided it is free of flash, focus or tripod, as well as any accessory that could put at risk the works of art. In the case of requiring any of these, it is necessary to contact the communication area of Es Baluard.

For any questions or requests, we are at your disposal at:
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