20 creators will attend ‘Laboratori B’, the Es Baluard’s training project

29th August 2016

20 creators will attend 'Laboratori B', the Es Baluard's training project

Es Baluard discloses the list of participats in "Laboratori B", the museum's project as a continuation of their training activities which will take place on a monthly basis from September 2016 to February 2017. Once reached the deadline and the candidates analysed, and given the success of the event, the organisers have decided to make the effort to expand the number of attendees to a total of 20 participants, including people living in the Balearic Islands and from outside. The participants will be the following:

  • Neus Marroig
  • Jordi Pallarès
  • Damià Matas
  • Marta Pujades
  • Evarist Torres
  • Maria Antònia Mir
  • Laia Ventayol
  • Carlos Lozano
  • Pep Canyelles
  • Aina Perelló
  • Daniel Gasol
  • Luz Massot
  • Ubay Murillo
  • Juan Pablo Ordúñez-Mawatres
  • Olga Marti
  • Miriam M Guirao
  • Jorge Gil
  • Beatriz Castela
  • Jorge Isla
  • Damià Vives

The project, designed and coordinated by curator Fernando Gómez de la Cuesta, is premised on the “Les Cliniques d'Es Baluard” training programme, opening it up to other participants from the field of contemporary creation and thought. “Laboratori B” consists in a series of sessions of work analysis and in-depth theory discussion on each artist's different paths of research. A face-to-face meeting will be carried out on the second Tuesday of each month, reflecting and working on contemporary art production, as well as on its contextualization and conceptual development. A selection of the results generated during the process will be formalized by being included in an experimental publication titled “B”.

"Laboratori B" is produced by Es Baluard with support from: