2010 Conveni amb UIB

01st January 1970

2010 Conveni amb UIB

The president of the Fundació Es Baluard Museu d'Art Modern i Contemporani de Palma and mayor of Palma, Aina Calvo, and the Rector of the Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB), Montserrat Casas, have signed an agreement on 31 March that will enable the collaboration between the UIB and Es Baluard in those common areas.

The signing of this agreement, which has been formalized in the building of the Rector of the UIB, was approved by the Board of Directors of the university on 23 March with the aim of establishing and developing cooperation relations between both institutions. The collaboration between the university and Es Baluard will facilitate the development of joint study programs, cooperation and exchange in the field of teaching, training of students, establish common lines in outreach, research, information and publications, jointly conduct seminars and symposia.

According to Aina Calvo said at the time of signature, this is a historic agreement to "normalize relations" between "the balearic universtity and one of the most important museums in the Balearic Islands. The president of the Foundation Es Baluard added that "it is necessary and good for the public that a museum of governance as Es Baluard can share projects with the UIB" and that the agreement "represents a point basis for other agreements that can be inserted into its framework. "

For its part, Montserrat Casas has said that the agreement "will establish new and fruitful collaboration" between the UIB and Es Baluard. The Rector of the Universitat de les Illes Balears highlighted in this sense, the actions already being carried out now. Actions that, according to Casas, reflect "the relations between both institutions." Currently, UIB and Es Baluard carry out several joint actions. On the one hand, the Research Group, Escola i Diversitat Inclusiva of the UIB (GREID) performs tasks of assessment, advice and analysis workshops for schools of the Es Baluard's Educational Areaso that they are inclusive for students with disabilities. In addition, the exhibition "Animar.te. 20 years of computer animation at the UIB", which is exposed to great acclaim at the American University Museum in Washington, has been the result of collaboration between both institutions. It is produced originally by Es Baluard, where was exhibited from November 2008 to February 2009, and curated by Juan Montes de Oca, MA Co-Director of the ISCA master of the UIB, and is a tribute to the creative and educational work of the laboratory LADAT of the Universitat de les Illes Balears.