ADACE meeting at Es Baluard on 20 and 21 November

05th November 2014

ADACE meeting at Es Baluard on 20 and 21 November

Es Baluard is hosting, as a "10th anniversary" activity, the annual meeting of the Spanish Association of Directors of Contemporary Art, ADACE. This will take place on 20 and 21 November bringing together behind closed doors fourteen directors of Spanish museums.

Core issues for managing contemporary art centres will be discussed. Highlights among the topics covered are: the public and private funding models, the Spanish law of patronage or formulas of networking to trade collections and projects.

ADACE is composed of directors of Spanish museums and contemporary art centres. This professional association is mainly convened to draw together professionals from this important cultural sector and also to establish a forum reflecting on matters concerning museums and contemporary art centres in Spain (such as their functions and objectives, methods and tools, dependence or autonomy in planning activities or their sources of funding). In addition, ADACE aims to become a voice to be heard to the issues of general concern, since the issues it works on belong to the public domain of arts and their service.