Call for european artists in residence. THE SPUR / ETACEC 16-18 PROJECT

14th October 2016

Call for european artists in residence. THE SPUR / ETACEC 16-18 PROJECT

Creative Europe - Culture Sub-programme (2014-2020) - Support to European Cooperation Projects - 570478-CREA-1-2016-1-ES-CULT-COOP1 THE SPUR - ETACEC1618  

The THE SPUR / ETACEC 16-18 project, which Es Baluard takes part in, offers 6 grants for 6 artists in residence to carry out research work with particular emphasis on working and creative processes. The international professional with expert mentor residency will last two months or eight weeks and will take place in one of the network’s centres. The deadline for receiving projects is 15th November 2016 inclusive. The jury’s decision will be made public before 23rd December 2016. Each artist will be awarded a €3,600 grant to cover allowances for research, subsistence expenses, and travelling expenses (including taxes).

THE SPUR / ETACEC 16-18 is a project for the creation of a European cooperation network made up of 7 cultural organisations that operate on a local and international scale as cultural operators, focusing above all on the field of the visual arts. It has two key objectives: On one hand, to develop innovative projects for building the professional capacities and transnational mobility of creators, in particular visual artists, enabling the sector to move towards the economy of creativity and facilitating the exploration of new business and work models. On the other hand, to implement transnational co-management processes between different organisations, in order to foster collaboration and knowledge transfer and, consequently, generate a European bank of exportable and reusable management resources that help to build the professional capacities of the sector. THE SPUR / ETACEC 16-18 brings together the following seven European partners:

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