Es Balluard and Foundation Guillem Cifre de Colonya signed an agreement to allow a new educational space

02nd July 2014

Es Balluard and Foundation Guillem Cifre de Colonya signed an agreement to allow a new educational space

The Es Baluard’s director, Nekane Aramburu, and the president of Foundation Guillem Cifre de Colonya, Josep Antoni Cifre, signed this morning a collaboration agreement to create the educational space “Guillem Cifre de Colonya” in Es Baluard with a budget of 15,000€. The new space, to be opened to the public within the coming months, will be created from a training activity: a workshop for architecture professionals, developed by internationally renowned architects, and a theoretical-practical workshop run by young architects with an international prestige.

Under this agreement, it will be a “multifunctional and practicable space designed for frequent use of the departments of educational development, training and cultural activities of the museum”. This exhibition space, which will be interactive and of processes (there will be carried out built-in-projects) is conceived from the perspective of the modern spaces of ephemera architecture and auto-construction with a international and contemporary point of view.

The necessity of a Es Baluard educational space

In summer 2013, the museum’s Educational Development worked in the pilot project of a space opened to the public, to test the necessities of the different interlocutors of the museum, as a place accessible to the knowledge of modern and contemporary art. That project was the precursor of this one, which will be carried out with the support of Fundació Guillem Cifre de Colonya.

Once the educational and training programmes are consolidated and implemented in the Balearic society, for a great diversity of the interlocutor publics, the area of Educational Development gains strength in this new phase started by the museum. Regarding this, to potentiate and make visible this task, is very important for the museum’s educational team to have an own, visible, accessible and autonomous space in the Es Baluard building. A space that allow interaction in various levels and kind of training.