Es Baluard, the museum’s new spaces as a cultural complex and the ‘TAZ’ call for The Tower

24th September 2014

Es Baluard, the museum's new spaces as a cultural complex and the 'TAZ' call for The Tower

Last September 24, the Es Baluard's director, Nekane Aramburu, and the Councillor for Culture of the City of Palma, Fernando Gilet, presented the new routes developed by Es Baluard, flagship of the Balearic culture, focused to become a large cultural complex of public utility. So, after ten years of its foundation, the museum turns established as a place of custody and investigation of the artistic heritage of the Balearics and unique institutional equipment, located in a privileged area of the Bay of Palma and the epicenter of the Mediterranean.    The developed plan allows Es Baluard to be positioned as a cultural complex around the historic walls and adjacent areas, increasing the heritage value of this waterfront located between the Sant Pere and Catalina quarters and the arteries of the Mallorca and Maritime avenues.

The expansion of these spaces, some of them residual and unused, discover an urban fringe of extraordinary historical value dynamized now from perspectives of Balearic and international contemporary creation.

Amongst these new areas to stimulate, they are indoor and outdoor areas such as Intermedi, the upper terraces, urban gardening, the booths, the Education Space Guillem Cifré de Colonya, The Tower, Els Arcs and Islamic necropolis of Mayurqa Medina.

In the line of collective construction, this project is opened to public participation, allowing the Muslim tower -called The Tower- becomes a platform for contemporary Mediterranean initiatives, such as hotel projects.

This space recovered for the cultural life of Palma de Mallorca will be scheduled through a competition with local and international initiatives and a call called TAZ (Temporary Autonomous Zone).

By next October 1st at 7 pm, Nekane Aramburu has organized a meeting with groups, programmers and different agents to discuss and analyze the bases and to present the file specification for use of the site as a self-managed space. The project is therefore open to initiatives emanating from society, projects in process open to research based on new thinking and analysis in a world which is becoming more important to implement platforms to publicize experiences, processes and knowledge formulas and appreciation of our economic, social and environmental ecosystem from a global and Mediterranean perspective. All those interested in participating or receiving information online can do so via the following email: