The exhibition «Waste Lands», co-produced by Es Baluard, at Casa Árabe center in Madrid

01st January 1970

The exhibition «Waste Lands», co-produced by Es Baluard, at Casa Árabe center in Madrid

The Casa Árabe center, in Madrid, exposes until May 20, 2018, «Waste Lands: tierras devastadas», the collective curated by Piedad Solans and co-produced by Es Baluard, which could be seen in this one from March to June 2016.

The exhibition, with variations on the version that was exhibited in Mallorca, brings together works by 13 women artists from countries such as Afghanistan, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Lebanon, Morocco and Palestine, and addresses, from the 2000 to the present, landscapes and urban, social, anthropological and archaeological environments in destroyed and impoverished countries. Through languages ​​such as sculpture, installation, video, photography, books and graphic novels, "Waste Lands: tierras devastadas" reflects usurped lands and plundered assets, places of blood, crimes and daily attacks.

In addition, as a closing of the trilogy on the socio-political complexities around the Mediterranean, Es Baluard presents, next April 10th at 12.20pm in the Cafeteria the complementary publications to the exhibition. During the activity open to the public and the media, Nekane Aramburu, and the commissioner of the project, Piedad Solans, will talk about the publication that has three volumes, entitled “Feminismos, exilios, narrativas (1)” and “Guerras, violencia y derechos humanos (2 y 3)”, from its DESAFÍOS collection.


More information about the exhibition in Es Baluard here.

Image credit: Zoulikha Bouabdellah, Set me free from my chains, 2012. Installation. Wood, chains and padlocks, 206 x 15,5 x 7 cm. Courtesy of Galería Sabrina Amrani, Madrid