Public succes in 2012

07th January 2013

Public succes in 2012

The museum has received, during 2012, a total of 396,489 visitors, representing an increase of 61,983 visits in relation to 2011, the year in which the museum received a total of 334,506.

2012 is confirmed as one of the year's Baluard more well received by the public, since it opened on January 31, 2004.

Remember also that in 2012 Baluard has reached 3 million visits throughout these nine years, specifically 3,012,609 at 31 December.

During this year the museum has offered seven temporary exhibitions, in addition to its permanent galleries devoted to the museum's collection. Baluard also scheduled a number of cultural and educational activities, as well as coordination of scheduled events within their facilities, completing, thus multidisciplinary function.