The works of Auba Pont, from today, in ‘Design and innovation in the Balearic Islands’

03rd May 2016

The works of Auba Pont, from today, in 'Design and innovation in the Balearic Islands'

Auba Pont is the new creator of the programme "Design and innovation in the Balearic Islands". Her pieces can be seen in the museum's shop from today until 31st July, 2016.

Born in Mallorca, graduated in Fine Arts in U.B and later specialized in Artistic Jewelry in Barcelona and Lisbon. She has been selected for several international competitions and her work has been exhibited in various galleries in Europe. Currently she resides in Palma, running her own shop/atelier/gallery space jewelry, ARAM espai de joies, in the center of the city (C/Del Carme, nº1).

“Landscape, environment, place; trace, fragment, essence; erosion, wear and passing of the time: light, clarity, wind, water... These are key concepts in my work, in my identity and origin. Parameters that I'm always tied to, keeping me in a constant balance, and allowing me to work with order and harmony. ISLAND, as a reality and metaphor. The SEA, my teacher, father and creator of ancient treasures. NATURE, mother of the raw material and the elemental energy. With all this combined, and harmony with the material I work intuitively and spontaneously; visceral and fortuitous. So the result, or rather the response, appears by itself and by surprise. Casually like the SEA: always, never different, but never, ever the same.”