The latest Lluïsa Verd Marí creations in Es Baluard’s shop

03rd April 2017

The latest Lluïsa Verd Marí creations in Es Baluard's shop

Following the project "Disseny i Innovació a les Illes Balears" the Es Baluard's shop shows, until 1st October 2017, the latest creations by Lluïsa Verd Marí.

They say tha Verd Marí is very much “de sa tierra” (Palma), meaning earthy or indigenous. She feels she belongs to the sea that has cradled her from a tender age. She began studying an arts baccalaureate at Marymount Int. School in Rome, obtained a diploma in Visual Arts and Communication in Palma and upon finishing, was awarded a scholarship to continue her studies in Turin, which was followed by another scholarship to work in Belgium.
She worked for several companies until 2014, when she decided to express her ideas and drawings in jewels that show the twists and turns of her life. She works with circular shapes and draws inspiration from the natural movement of the sea.

For her, “adorning oneself” with jewels responds to a way of standing out from the crowd. Her pieces are in keeping with her taste for the smoothness of rounded shapes, and the weight of the history of art, above all of Modernism, which subtly impregnates everything she makes. Necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and brooches involving hours of intense work. Those who adorn themselves with one of the creations of Verdmarí will be aware that they are the product of a one hundred percent artisanal process.