Latest concert by ‘Simfònica en Petit’

07th June 2017

Latest concert by 'Simfònica en Petit'

Es Baluard presented on Sunday 31st April, the last chamber concert of the Balearic Islands Symphony Orchestra in the cycle "Simfònica en Petit" which interpreted History of a soldier by the composer Igor Stravisky.

In addition to the musical piece, the scenery was complemented by a small-format acting performance by Miquel Torrens and the actors Albert Mèlich (soldier), Enka Alonso (devil) and Torrens himself as narrator.

History of a Soldier / Igor Stravinsky

Sebastián Pou (violin) / Philip Dawson (double bass) / Sílvia Insa (clarinet) / Josep Tatay (bassoon) / Cyril Pouillet (cornet) / Jean Cristophe Brunet (trombone) / Juan Carlos Murgui (percussion)

Stravinsky generated a whole series of orchestral innovations that marked the evolution of the trends that would become daily after the Second World War. It would make an incipient avant-garde something common. History of a soldier is a clear exponent, where strangely unite a whole series of instruments impossible to principles of the s. XX. It is in this decade that the young Miró receives influences from the avant-gardes in Paris and Barcelona, ​​which began to be denoted in the paintings painted during his stays in Mont-Roig, as can be seen in the painting Paisatge de Mont-Roig in the room 3 of Es Baluard.