Erwin Bechtold

95-1, Bild zum Thema Konzentration und Raum

Date: 1995

Technique: Acrylic on wood

Dimensions: 336 x 768 cm (8 pieces of 168 x 192 cm each)

Es Baluard Museu d'Art Contemporani de Palma

Reg. no.: 43

On display

The large-dimension work, a polyptych comprised of eight rectangular-format pieces, is a good example of the mature production of Erwin Bechtold. Traditionally an Informalist, a tendency he was inserted in after World War II, he experimented with sands, coarse textures and materials on his canvases, a resource he abandoned after the 1960s, giving way to flatter surfaces, although he would resume the use of these materials in his later years.

In 95-1, Bild zum Thema Konzentration und Raum, in a way the German painter returns to his origins and resumes the use of coarse materials, combining them with a syncretic palette of dark tonalities. Earthy browns intermingle with a prominent, very present black fringe that works as a horizon and reflection of the painting itself. Ochres, whites, earths, beiges and blacks have configured a distinct palette in Bechtold, that of a creator who, in applying colour, avoids the socially accepted standards of beauty to search for a sincere, personal form of expression in colour.

Over his very long career Bechtold has developed an abstract pictorial work which theorists and specialists have organised into diverse evolutionary phases in spite of the fact that, as he himself admits, there is a constant line of creation that is faithful to his beginnings, articulated as a result of his taking his own work to the limit, in an attempt to avoid the established canons.


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