Helena Almeida

A experiência do lugar unica

Date: 2001

Technique: Black and white photograph

Dimensions: 124 x 202 cm.

Es Baluard Museu d'Art Modern i Contemporani de Palma

Not on display

Highlighted work

The work of Helena Almeida brings together different disciplines. Her pieces are the result of a performance action which, instead of lasting for a set amount of time, enters an infinite loop which transforms it into something eternal by means of photography. Using the photographic medium, she captures a process carried out in the intimate space of the studio, in which her own body is the protagonist, the only and singular object portrayed. “The work is my body, my body is the work,” Almeida asserts, but it is not an interpretation from an egocentric perspective, but rather that her body or part of it becomes an instrument for communication. Her image passes from being the subject to the object.
In her photos Almeida tends to narrate matters associated to feelings, lack of communication, solitude or rupture. In A experiência do lugar unica (2001) the object is the lower part of her body, with the tension of the work located in the feet, by way of roots that penetrate the earth through the floor. There is no room for chance, a study is made of everything before the photograph is taken, she has made sketches and analysed the space, the surroundings that will lend significance to the action. This is an introspective work, like the rest of her pieces, recognisable by their aesthetics and the subtle, mysterious atmosphere that surrounds them.

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