Date: 2008

Technique: Ceramic by Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro. Vitrified painting and crochet

Dimensions: 31 x 115 x 91 cm

Es Baluard Museu d'Art Contemporani de Palma

Reg. no.: 593

Not on display

Conchita belongs to a series of works made with ceramic and crochet (an appropriation of a limited set of pieces of crockery designed by the renowned 19th-century Portuguese artist, Bordalo Pinheiro, known for his caricatures, sculptures and ceramic designs). It is a large-scale naturalist representation of animals which for the most part generate unease or fear when they are close to people (in the case of the work in question, the animal is a crab, but the series also includes wasps, lizards, snakes, etc.). These non-domestic animals are ambiguously imprisoned or protected by a second crocheted skin which tames and entraps them. The use of crochet in a paradoxical imprisonment or protection of the animals, relegated in this way to the domestic context, opens up a vast, rich field of interpretation brought on by the beauty and strangeness generated by the result of the operation.


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