Chema Alvargonzález

El paseo visible, Palma de Mallorca II

Date: 2007-2008

Technique: Lightbox with duratrans photograph

Dimensions: 55 x 160 x 15 cm

Es Baluard Museu d'Art Contemporani de Palma

Reg. no.: 590

Not on display

The three works by Chema Alvargonzález entitled El paseo visible, Palma de Mallorca I, II and III (2007-2008) were produced by the artist on the occasion of his participation in the exhibition “Light Messages”, organised by Es Baluard in 2008. Alvargonzález took up his work Visible (2005) again, a red three-wheeler bearing the word in question in red neon letters. He used it to travel to different towns in order to show places that were interesting from his viewpoint, and he continued this same process during his stay in Palma de Mallorca in late 2007.

The result of this small “trip” was three light boxes upon which he bestowed certain pictorial qualities by his treatment of the image. Word and light are two fundamental elements on which Alvargonzález worked throughout his whole career: his work Visible appeared in them, on the Es Baluard viewing platform, with the cathedral in the background, moving around the narrow streets of the historic city centre and ending up in the paseo Marítimo, amidst the fishing boats.


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