Baltazar Torres

Island of a perfect world III

Date: 2007-2008

Technique: Aluminium, wood, pvc and painted tin

Dimensions: 146 x 50 x 25 cm

Es Baluard Museu d'Art Contemporani de Palma

Reg. no.: 716

Not on display

Island of a perfect world III by Baltazar Torres evokes a construction of a cold, desolate micro-city, with no inhabitants, but which does nevertheless include certain solitary, melancholic figures. The artist invites one to reflect on the way in which we live and how we organise cities. Using a model, a base element of architecture, made with fragile material, he shows a simulacrum of weak construction, with a size that may remind us of a toy, and inhabitants like dolls which we can dominate and play with. Torres uses the metaphor and subtle irony as the means to reflect on the world we inhabit and mankind’s relationship with its closest environment. The work is a critical, non-conformist interpretation of the system, speculation and consumption through a singular mise-en-scène.

Baltazar Torres’ research centres on mankind’s relationship with the context that conditions it, and is the central theme of all of his artistic production. The constructed space causes an impact on the being that inhabits it, it forces us to adapt to its lines when actually it should mould itself to ours. It is that city and its constructions which eventually turn human beings into prisoners in their own space, trying to escape into nature whenever they can.


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