Thomas Ruff

M.d.p.n. 32

Date: 2003

Technique: C-print on Diasec

Dimensions: 186 x 297 cm

Edition: 3/5

Es Baluard Museu d'Art Contemporani de Palma

Reg. no.: 604

Not on display

In M.d.p.n. 32, Thomas Ruff presents the interior of a market, a wide-open space where the most outstanding element is the iron structure that runs through it all the way to the other end. And yet the photographic image appears distorted to us, it is not an image that is true to reality; the artist deceives our perception in this work using symmetry: he takes two frontal shots directed towards the two ends of the long room and superimposes them, duplicating the number of elements we can see such as the lamps, for example.

The work belongs to the “M.d.p.n.” series, a project initiated in 2002 and centred on this old market. Ruff photographs the inside and the outside of the Mercato del Pesce di Napoli, in its current state, and uses digital techniques to “restore” it to its original design as found in photographs from the era from the archive of the architect Luigi Consenza (Nápoles, 1905-1984), which are first digitised and then have colour applied to them to lend them a contemporary air.


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