Pilar Albarracín

Mentira nº3. «300 mentiras» series

Date: 2009

Technique: Black and white photograph

Dimensions: 125 x 187 cm.

Edition: 5/5

Es Baluard Museu d'Art Modern i Contemporani de Palma

Not on display

We can find a common denominator in the works of Pilar Albarracín: the need to show an invented story which could be perfectly real, with the intention of introducing the spectator into the game of reality/ fiction and making him or her a participant in a process in which his or her own presence is indispensable: the manipulation of visual information. Consequently, following along this line of discourse, we come to the work Mentira nº 3 (meaning ‘Lie no. 3’) of 2009, a dramatization, a lie which could very well be true, the appropriation of a fact that is subtly modified, with a background of historical reality.

Mentira nº 3 belongs to the series in progress, “300 mentiras” (‘300 lies’), a project in which the artists immerses us in the tale of “stories that are lies but which can be registered as possible,” in her own words. Through photography, she constructs moments that were historical, appropriating certain parts of them. Based on this, we each shape our own tale using the image. The artist makes use of symbols that are assimilated and interiorized by society and are therefore easily identifiable to narrate the 300 lies of the story. Mentira nº 3 is dedicated to women; four women portrayed with their backs to us observe an event that is taking place in the middle of the street. Albarracín reconstructs the image through recognisable symbols such as the cross on the backs of three of them, with the aim of alluding to the situation of all women throughout history, locked up in anonymity, marked…

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