Robert Cahen

Serra de Tramuntana. Lights and vibration, essay for the painting in movement

Date: 2018

Technique: Video installation, three projections, colour, sound, loop. Collaborator: Thierry Maury

Duration: 12'

Edition: 1/5

Es Baluard Museu d'Art Contemporani de Palma, donated by the artist

Reg. no.: 979

Entry date: 2019

Not on display

The video-installation Serra de Tramuntana. Lights and vibrations, essay for the painting in movement proposes a reflection through contemplation of the landscape of the mountains around Deià in the north of Mallorca. The succession of large-format images, taken in a sequence in evolution, offers us a narrative of how nature itself modifies the landscape with the passage of the hours. The clouds pass over the mountains with a changing orography, the trees sway in a near-lysergic movement to describe to us an enclave which approaches the imaginary, the timeless. The treatment of colour and its textures, the systems of perception and the expanded time fictionalise the relief of the mountain range and construct a space for thought.

In it, the artist’s creative process is reflected, characterised by his way of interweaving the resources of the slow-motion camera and exploring sound in relation to image to construct his poetic universe. He multiplies the effects of alteration of movement, as well as the contraction and dilation of times, processes that enable him to explore the metaphor of the landscape, the memory of the images which come and go, and to question the passage of time.

The work was produced as a result of the project “Missions artístiques a la Serra de Tramuntana”, organised by Es Baluard and the Consorci Serra de Tramuntana (an entity formed by the Government of the Balearic Islands and the Consell de Mallorca), in the context of Reproductibilitat 2.4, a series of exhibitions in which an analysis is made of the transformation from the static image to the moving image and its behaviour from the viewpoint of contemporary creation.


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