Miguel Ángel Campano

SUBASH, 20.9.94

Date: 1994

Technique: Oil on canvas

Dimensions: 320 x 234 cm

Es Baluard Museu d'Art Contemporani de Palma, Ajuntament de Palma collection long-term loan

Reg. no.: 409

Not on display

SUBASH 20.9.94, a large-format composition, perfectly balanced, combines the visual effect which results from the union of two opposing colours, black and white, and the imperfection of the geometric shapes – the circle and the dot, characteristic elements in the work produced by Campano during these years – formal aspects he develops throughout the ‘90s, after he abandoned figuration. It was produced in the same year that Miguel Ángel Campano first travelled to India; whilst his experience is not reflected on a formal level, it is evident through the titles of the works from these years, originating from the people and places he saw and met on his travels, as is the case of this piece. He developed this research in other pieces too.


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