Josep Guinovart


Date: 1970

Technique: Collage on wooden panel

Dimensions: 52 x 67 cm

Es Baluard Museu d'Art Contemporani de Palma, Serra Collection long-term loan

Reg. no.: 129

On display

Starting out from the collage technique, Guinovart took the renowned painting Guernica by Picasso as a base, with the aim of approaching one of the questions that most concerned the creator – the political and social situation of his time – from different angles. To do so, he extracts the imagery of the famous 1937 mural in different layers, introducing new, equally topical situations in the year 1970, the year in which Spain lived through the final year of Franco’s dictatorship.

In the evolution of this creator’s work we can find a move from Realism to a more informalist period which leads into the use of the collage as one of its formal resources. This is the case of this piece, where the Picassian icons extrapolated into a different context are joined by characters like the man with the briefcase or slogans, presented by way of a banner like that of “Estamos en todo” (We are in Everything), all with a vitalist rhythm that is recognisable in his entire oeuvre. The superpositions and levels that present themselves in the work enable one to begin to understand his shift from Abstraction to the incorporation in his pieces of things three-dimensional, objects and new materials (manipulation of fabric, wood, plaster or fibre cement on occasions).


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