Jonathan Meese

Wachtmeister Barns (dein milk is hot)

Date: 2002

Technique: Installation. Mixed technique

Dimensions: Variable

Es Baluard Museu d'Art Contemporani de Palma

Reg. no.: 745

Not on display

In the installation Wachtmeister Barns (dein Milk is Hot), acquired for the Es Baluard Collection in 2011, Meese combines several junk elements like comics and firing range figures, as well as a mannequin transformed into an officer or policeman with sunglasses, Wachtmeister translates literally as “patrolman” or “police officer”. It was also an Austrian and Swiss military rank of non-commissioned officers during and until World War II. Referring to history and post-war Germany, Meese appropriates this name and presents a figure surrounded by wastefrom the communication and leisure society, perhaps insinuating that the figure presented is actually the sergeant of junk culture.

A prominent member of New Actionism, Meese is also influenced by German expressionism, a movement marked by the horrors of World War II and social discontent. This artist’s oeuvre has always had a provocative intent and a significant sense of urgency. Ever since his early days, Meese has both seduced and irritated with multidisciplinary projects (sculptures, installations, performances) in which anarchic abandonment is mixed with heavy doses of absurd humour and psychosexual energy. His now-consolidated career is characterised by dense, dissonant installations, full of all types of detritus and elements from popular culture. Underlying it there is always the intention of stirring up the foundations of false truths regarding what power and desire truly signify.


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