Design and Innovation in the Balearic Islands

“Design and Innovation in the Balearic Islands” is a stable platform developed by Es Baluard which, taking as a starting point the museum shop, unveils gradually those creators who regularly develop products linked to design and experimental and innovative craftsmanship. To be steady, creators will present their works at the store’s more visible showcase, as a exhibition and personalized intervention space to publicize their processes and products, which can be purchased there.

List of artists:
Mª Magdalena Garcias Amer & Francisca Barceló Riera
Damià Mulet i Vanrell
Bárbara Juan Pastor
Erika Hartje Muiño
Clara Rosario Garau Rosselló
Maria Isabel Uribe Dussán
Pep Guerrero Mayol
Giorgia Reichhold
Aina Sánchez Tortosa
Mariana Alzamora
Isabel Mir Guerrero
Selim Hormaechea
Irene Sánchez García
Auba Pont Company
Cristina Arcos Navales
Maria del Mar Sánchez Gónzalez
Luisa Verd Mari
Luisa del Valle
Claudia Liedtke
Marina Ramos
Tonia Fuster
Roberto Paparkone