Aflorar... Teixit emocional

A workshop of textile creation led by artist Tatiana Sarasa, one of the activities programmed around the exhibition “Alma. Mediums and visionaires”. Es Baluard Museum from its social and educational area, aims to respond to the diversity of groups that make up citizenship. On this occasion we will work with a group of women from Cáritas – Cala Major.

In the creations made during the workshops we will channel the intuitive, and emotional aspects that come from the deepest part of our being, where the life stories of the participants will emerge. We will showcase the work of a group of anonymous women who usually move in spaces reserved for the domestic and private, in the same way as the creators of the exhibition, starting point of the activity.

Tatiana Sarasa, is the founding artist of Open Studio79 and Artisan Lab, a textile studio and creative space in Palma, specializing in pigments and natural fibres. A space that hosts craft work, which promotes interaction and experimentation between different means of expression, and a dialogue between art and crafts.

The workshop will take place between the months of April and May 2019. Closed group.

9th April 2019 → 7th May 2019