• Patricia Gómez and Mª Jesús González, Las 7 puertas, 2011, from «Sección Abierta» project © Artists and 1 Mira Madrid gallery courtesy

Architecture and the city:
Bring Life Back to its Space

Seminar: criticism, urbanism and community

  • Date: 28 – 29 July 2021
  • Time: 18.00 h – 21.00 h
  • Space: Auditori
  • Paid activity (20€) with prior registration
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Es Baluard Museum programs the seminar “Architecture and the city: bring life back to its space” in which we propose to reflect on new visions for architecture, linked to the current exhibition program, without neglecting the concerns and problems inherent to the architectural practice itself in our days, in relation to the social impact it has on the whole of citizenship.

Currently and until September you can visit three exhibitions at Es Baluard Museu that address architecture from a critical point of view around different axes: city, public space, monument and its opposite, aesthetics and transformation, function, ideology and change. These are “The Parallel Utopia. Dreamt cities in Cuba (1980-1993)”Memory of Defence: physical and mental architectures” and “Toni Amengual. Flowers For Franco”.

The program includes the interventions by the architects Santiago Cirugeda, Beatriz Colomina, Francisco Cifuentes, Blanca Pujals and Juan Luis Morales and Iván de la Nuez, jointly. The six presentations will be distributed on two consecutive afternoons, on Wednesday July 28 and Thursday 29.

At the same time, the Museul will carry out a workshop that the artist Antoni Muntadas will give with the collaboration of Blanca Pujals in the mornings of the same days, from 10.30 am to 1.30 pm in which it is specifically pointed out that the pandemic has made evident some mechanisms, previously imperceptible or not very visible and proposes to rethink the urban space that we occupy.


28th of July

  • 6 pm. Self-building with the Crazy Army. By Santiago Cirugeda
  • 7 pm. The city and pandemics. By Beatriz Colomina

29th of July

  • 6 pm. Resilience strategies for the forest and the city. By Francisco Cifuentes
  • 7 pm. Body Cartographies: pathologizing the body and the city. By Blanca Pujals
  • 8 pm. Without a city there is no utopia / Without utopia there is no city. By Juan Luis Morales


Santiago Cirugeda

It is architect and founding partner of the Recetas Urbanas office, and promoter of the Arquitecturas Colectivas network. Pioneer in the introduction of group work formats where citizens can participate effectively in the decision-making process, his work has been recognized by awards such as Ojo Crítico, Iniciarte, International Fellowship RIBA, FAD award or Global Award for Sustanaible Architecture. Last October, “Vostè és aquí. 20 anys de Receptes Urbanes”, an exhibition project (MUSAC, 2018) and a book (Ediciones Asimétricas, 2018) with a title, forms and transversal contents that synthesize the already extensive trajectory of the study.

Beatriz Colomina

Howard Crosby Butler Professor of the History of Architecture at Princeton University School of Architecture and founding director of the interdisciplinary program Media and Modernity. Colomina was born in Madrid and studied architecture in Barcelona, ​​where she also did her doctorate. She has been a professor at the ETSAB, Columbia University, MIT, Cornell University and the Staedelschule in Frankfurt. Colomina has written, curated, and taught extensively on issues of architecture, art, technology, sexuality, and the media.

In 2005 she received the President’s Award for Distinguished Teaching from Princeton University, and in 2014 the Berlin Prize from the American Academy in Berlin. In 2018 she was named an honorary doctorate by the KTH, Royal Stockholm Institute of Technology; and in 2020 she was awarded the Ada Louise Huxtable Prize in London for her contributions to the field of architecture.

Francisco Cifuentes

Architect by the ETSA of Barcelona (UPC), with a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA). His work as a teacher, researcher and professional revolves around the problem of how to inhabit a territory while reducing the ecological footprint. He was associate professor at the ETSA de Reus (URV) of Projects and Urbanism, and of Projects at the ESARQ of Barcelona (UIC), and director of the workshop “1000 Pedreres” with Toni Alomar Esteve, on the self-sufficiency of the territory of Mallorca. He is a founding partner of the Aulet architecture studio, where he develops a research work on different alternatives to inhabit and build a Mallorca with local resources.

He has won several awards, such as the Architecture Prize “Premios Mallorca 2004-06”, and public works competitions, such as the Parc de les Vies in 2008. His research work and his works have been published in books and specialized magazines, among the that stand out Architecture Today, no. 231 (London, 2012) and A + U Special Issue (Tokyo, 2013), among others.

Blanca Pujals

Architect, spatial researcher and critical writer. His interdisciplinary practice uses spatial research and critical analysis to address issues around the geographies of power in bodies and territories, policies for the production of scientific and technological knowledge, as well as transnational politics, developing tools to perform analysis through of different visual and sound devices. Her work spans film, architecture, curatorial projects, teaching, and critical writing.

Her most recent projects are Specular Technologies: Construction of Fear and Desire, Bodily cartographies. Pathologizing the body and the city (essays published in The Funambulist No. 7) and A Synthetic Universe (essay published in The Live Creature and Ethereal Things: Physics in Culture by Arts Catalyst); the curatorial project “Geografías y formas de poder” (Tabakalera, Donosti) and has curated the public program of the exhibition “Recetas Urbanas: Affection as Subversive Architecture” at The Showroom, London.

Juan Luis Morales

Professor at the National Superior School of Architecture La Villettte (Paris) and member of the Order of Architects of France. He graduated in Architecture from the Higher National School of Architecture in Havana (ISPJAE, Cuba) and from the Higher National School of Architecture Paris La Villette (Paris, France). He is a founding member along with Teresa Ayuso of Atelier Morales, which is based in Paris and Havana, and is considered one of the emblematic studios of contemporary Ibero-American architecture. In addition, his work extends to the field of photography and the plastic arts, and his works have been present in centers such as the Pompidou in Paris or the Venice Biennale.

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28th July 2021 → 29th July 2021