• Ana Vieira, Sala de espera. Os móveis a afirmarem a sua inutilidade (Waiting Room. Furniture Affirming its Uselessness), 2014. Installation. Altered old wooden furniture and linoleum, dimensions variable. Norlinda and José Lima Collection, on long-term loan at the Centro de Arte Oliva, João da Madeira. Photograph: Paulo Cunha Martins. Norlinda and José Lima Collection / Centro de Arte Oliva © of the work of art, Ana Vieira State, 2020

And you, how dou you wait?

Activity inspired by Ana Vieira’s work Sala d’espera (Waiting Room)

Artist Biography

Ana Vieira (Coimbra, 1940 – Lisbon, 2016) studied painting at Lisbon School of Fine Arts, but soon felt the need to explore other artistic languages, such as sculpture, installation, collage, installation, photomontages, or video. The exhibition “The home and the flight” is the first solo exhibition dedicated to her work outside her country.

Throughout her artistic career we find recurrent themes such as the desire to give visibility to the relationship of the subject and their context, especially the situation of women, who have traditionally been confined to the domestic space and are one of the groups who suffer the most in times of crisis.

Artwork explanation

Ana Vieira tells us about the relationships between humans and the objects and spaces we coexist with. In Sala de espera. Os móveis a afirmarem a sua inutilidade, a work of 2014, the artist shows us a waiting room with empty walls, chairs, a table and a coat rack. What is happening to the furniture? Do you think if you could listen to what’s happening in this room would you hear anything? How would you feel if you had to wait in this room for a long time?

Halfway between the color of wood and the white of the walls, the furniture fuses with the walls. The emptiness we are left with represents hours of waiting at home, sometimes we wait for the parents to return, other times we wait for the rain to stop, and now we have to stay home to prevent the spread of coronavirus … a pause in time, but for Ana Vieira the house also meant a space of imagination and possibilities. How do you spend these waiting hours with your family?

How to participate?

We encourage you to share your creations and actions to make this time of wait and confinement as warm, enjoyable and entertaining as possible.

  • Think about what things you do at home to make the best out of these days and turn your home into a cozy place.
  • Decide among family members what you would like to share with others what you do in this waiting situation. Maybe a drawing? Maybe a fun game? And what actions do you do these days that make you feel good?
  • Once you have decided what you’d like to share, think about the best way to do it. If you decide to make a drawing, you can scan or photograph it; if you’d like to teach a game you play, it would be nice to photograph it; If you’d like to share an action that you enjoy doing, maybe you can make a gif or video. The possibilities are endless, you decide!
  • Share what you did! Send it to us at noufuturdesdecasa@esbaluard.org
  • We will collect all your contributions and publish them through our website and the museum’s networks.


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9th April 2020 → 15th April 2020