FES'19: Directed by Women Spain Palma

  • Days: September 27, 28 and 29
  • Spaces: Auditorium, Aljub and Central Courtyard
  • Payment and free entry activities
  • Discounts: Free tickets for Members of Es Baluard prior booking and 15% discount with 15/15 Card.

Es Baluard hosts, within the FES’19 (Summer Festivals in Es Baluard) program, the II edition of Directed by Women Spain, a non-competitive festival characterized by the technical and thematic diversity of short films and films of its programming and for being a meeting space and promotion platform to make visible the cinema directed by women. For this edition, the event expands its program and will have one more day in the museum in relation to the previous year.

In addition, this festival is the international festival of cinema directed by women. It is a social movement dedicated to the vindication of the presence of women in the film industry. Directed by Women was born in Spain on the initiative of the By Women cultural platform, a multidisciplinary team of professional women from the audiovisual world and cultural management, with the aim of joining this international network where more than twenty countries in an altruistic way participate every year in the international festival of cinema directed by women.

The festival will be held during the month of September in Palma and will include a varied program with screenings of short films, fiction films and documentaries, meetings of the directors with the public, round tables, workshops, debates and live music.

Tickets here also at the museum on the same day as the screenings.


Friday 27

17:00h Box office
17:50h Doors open 18: 00h Presentation of the festival and screening of shorts (Aljub) Presentation by Vicka Duran. Block of short films DBWS 19 ’. Duration: 73

  • MI HERMANO JUAN (Cristina and María José Martín Barcelona/ Thriller/ Esp/ 2019/ 10´)
  • EL FIN DE TODAS LAS COSAS (Norma Vila/ Terror/ Esp/ 2019/ 15´)
  • FUERZA (Carla Alonso/ Documentary/ Esp/ 2018/ 20´)
  • THE AFTERBIRTH (Blanca Bonet and Ignacio Rodó/ Animation/ Esp/ 2018/ 4´)
  • MIS DOS MITADES (Marta Solano/ Documental/ Esp/ 2019/ 9´)
  • MUJER SIN HIJO (Eva Saiz/ Comedy/ Esp/ 2019/ 15´)

19:30h Cuina d’olors snack and Star Damm gift (Central Courtyard)

20:00h Screening of short films DBWS 19 ’(Aljub) With the presence of director Marta Grimalt. Duration: 78 ’

  • AMA (Júlia de Paz/ Drama/ Esp/ 2019/ 19′)
  • IT´S ALL BECAUSE OF YOU (Marta Grimalt/ Experimental/Esp/2017/ 3´)
  • UNA NOCHE CON JUAN DIEGO BOTTO (Teresa Bellón y César F.Calvillo/Comedia/Esp/2018/11
  • LA ÚLTIMA VÍRGEN (Bárbara Farré/ Drama/ Esp/ 2018/ 17´)
  • PATCHWORK (María Manero Muro/ Animation/ Esp/ 2018/ 8´)
  • JAURÍA (Gemma Blasco/ Drama/ Esp/ 2018/20´)

21:30h Projection El silencio de otros (Central courtyard). Duration: 1h 36min. Direction: Almudena Carracedo, Robert Bahar. Synopsis: ‘The silence of others’ reveals the silenced struggle of the victims of General Franco’s long regime, who continue to seek justice to this day. Filmed over six years, the film follows the victims and survivors of the Franco regime as they organize the so-called “Argentine complaint” and confront a “pact of oblivion” about the crimes they suffered.

23:00h Concert by Núria Cirerol & Javier Moyà at the piano / Dj Jaglermeister

Saturday 28

18:00h Shorts & talk (Aljub). DBWS 19 shorts. Duration: 54 ’

  • ENTRAR EN EL ARMARIO (Vicka Duran/Comedy/ Esp/ 2019/ 5´)
  • UNBURIED (Sally Fenaux Barleycorn/ Documentary/ Esp/ 2018/ 6´)
  • EL CASO SVANKHAUSEN (Lula Gómez and Jordi Piulachs/ Animación/ Esp/ 2018/ 4´)
  • CHENOA´S FAULT (Abril Zamora/ Comedy/ Esp/ 2018/ 15´)
  • EL LLIBRE (Francesca Catalá/Fantastic/ Esp/ 2019/ 3′)
  • NO ME DESPERTÉIS (Sara Fantova/ Drama/ Esp/ 2018/ 21´)

19:00h As a producer I will tell you … (Auditori). With Sandra Seeling, Producer and director of Evolution Mallorca International Film Fest; Paula Serra, director Nova Televisió and Lux ​​Mallorca and Sara Bamba, producer of Helsinki Films and Elora Posthouse.

20:00h Almost Ghosts projection (Aljub). Duration: 1h 10min. Direction: Ana Ramon Rubio. Synopsis: A documentary that explores the decline, on the verge of disappearance, of the ghost towns through the iconic Route 66 of the United States. At 73, Harley Russell lives off the tips he receives at his dilapidated Erick (Oklahoma) location with his show of mediocre musicians. Ángel Delgadillo, the last barber from Seligman (Arizona), continues to shave at 91, drivers who deviate from the interstate to visit their town. Lowell Davis, with more than 80 years, is the number 1 inhabitant of Red Oak II, (Missouri), a ghost town that he himself rehabilitated with the restoration of his old houses. Three stories of perseverance and overcoming on what was once the road that connected the United States from east to west. Three survivors trying to save the life of the best known route in America.

21:30h Projection Viaje al cuarto de una madre (Central Courtyard). Duration: 1h 36min. Address: Celia Rico. Synopsis: Leonor (Anna Castillo) wants to leave home, but does not dare to tell her mother. Estrella (Lola Dueñas) does not want her to leave, but neither is she able to keep her by her side. Mother and daughter will have to face this new stage of life in which their common world is reeling

23:00h Concert (Central Courtyard). Ice Crime in acoustic / Sound action by Jansky

Sunday 29

18:00h Shorts (Aljub). Shorts by DBWS 19’. With Sara Bamba, cinema director.

  • BICHO RARO (Laura de la Isla/ Drama/ Esp/2016/ 6´)
  • NUESTRA VIDA COMO NIÑOS REFUGIADOS EN EUROPA (Silvia Venegas/Documental/Esp/2018/ 20’)
  • LA INÚTIL (Belén Funes/ Drama/ Esp/ 2017/ 17´)
  • VACA (Marta Bayarri/ Drama/ Esp/ 2018/ 15´)
  • LAS DESCONOCIDAS (Sara Bamba and Iván Martín Ruedas/Drama/ Esp/ 2018/9´)
  • SEATTLE (Marta Aledo/ Comedy/ Esp/ 2018/ 19´)

Talk with the directors moderated by journalist Victoria Morell.

20:00h Documentary Serás hombre (Aljub). Duration: 1h 34min. Address: Isabel de Ocampo. Synopsis: “You will be a man” is a kaleidoscope of ideas that revolve around machismo and gender socialization, in an attempt to investigate the deep roots of gender violence. It stars two extreme characters: the artist Abel Azcona, who explores his pain through his work, and Rafael, a former pimp in conflict with his conscience, who has inflicted suffering on thousands of women. In parallel, the reflections of a high school teacher, a team of publicists and numerous thinkers who approach the same subject from different points of view.

21:30h Projection Carmen y Lola (Central Courtyard). Duration: 1h 47min. Address: Arantxa Echevarria. Sinopsi: Carmen is a gypsy teenager who lives in the outskirts of Madrid. Like any other gypsy, she is destined to live a life that is repeated generation after generation: marry and raise as many children as possible. But one day he meets Lola, an unusual gypsy who dreams of going to college, draws bird graffiti and is different. Carmen quickly develops a complicity with Lola, and both will try to move their romance forward, despite the inconveniences and social discrimination to which they have to be subjected by their family.

27th September 2019 → 29th September 2019