FES'19: XX Sons de Nit / Pere Bujosa Trio

  • Day: 10 d’agost
  • Schedule: 9:00 pm.
  • Entrance fee: 10€ advance ticket and 15€ at Es Baluard ticket office on Saturday. Click here
  • 15% discount with 15/15 Card and free entry for Members of Es Baluard

Es Baluard is hosting a concert by Pere Bujosa Trio of the new edition of “Sons de Nit“, within the “Summer Festivals at Es Baluard” program. It is a cycle of live music, with an itinerant character, that will fill summer nights on the island with the most diverse sounds. “Sons de Nit” tries to keep the heritage alive, uniting the heritage of centuries of history of these enclaves of great architectural and cultural richness with a musical event with the promotion of those who value buildings as artistic spaces.

Pere Bujosa (Palma, 1992) is a Mallorcan bass player, currently established between the Netherlands and Spain, who has played in various European stages in recent years, as well as having lived and developed his artistic career in countries such as Germany, Denmark and the United States. On this occasion he formed a team with two interesting national musicians, Xavi Torres on piano and Joan Terol on drums, who, also residing abroad, are an active part of both the Spanish and Dutch jazz scene.

In 2018, the three artists met in Amsterdam to record Pedro Bujosa’s second album, which consists of new original written compositions and is titled Wabi-Sabi. In this album the formation explores its possibilities to reflect the artistic concerns acquired after years of concerts, tours and different projects. With Wabi-Sabi, Bujosa intends to reflect her search and passion for rhythm and textures. The trio aims to explore the freedom – and at the same time challenge – that entails a classical format, while introducing influences from other musics such as electronica, rock or free.

10th August 2019 → 10th August 2019