Performative photography workshop by Veru Iché

  • Days: October 4, 5 and 6, 2018
  • Time: Thursday and Friday from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm and Saturday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
  • Place: Observatori
  • Payment activity with limited places

This workshop is aimed at anyone over 18 years of age related to any artistic activity and to the general public, who may be interested in the image and the art of action. The project is part of the «Es Baluard Image Research» program and is carried out in parallel with the exhibition «Ells i nosaltres (Them and us)». The results of the workshop can be seen in the same room where they were made until October 21.

«The photographic performance. Document/melodrama/delirium and continuity»

Theoretical part:

  • Photography as a claiming discipline and the multiple dimensions of «the photographic».

a. Document and memory / Historical, political, social and family imagination. The photographic document as a performative-normative action.

b. Photography as an act that creates bodies. Exercise on «Butler’s imaginary morphology». Selfiesm

  • The performers of the photographic performance.

a. Photographer, photographed/Scene and context/Spectator and significance. The camera. File and cataloging as part of performativity or performative role of social and political validation.
b. Photojournalism as performance. «The effect of truth executed»
c. Time as a game of continuity. The active past. Photography as an identity construction. «What was and what is» in the same object.
d. The image as an object and a tool that performs performativity. Conclusions, debate and questions.

Practical part:

Different practical exercises will be developed related to the topics to be discussed, you can also consider a day of review of portfolios and do some group performative photographic exercise.

The registration fee is 30 euros (10% discount for Members of Es Baluard) and places are limited.

Registration until 24th September:

Veru Iché (Buenos Aires, 1972)

Each photographic work, audio or video that I make, is the result of a hidden performance to the public that tries to communicate from the fragmentation and not from the conventional artistic practice of the finished project. Each silence or empty space is a proposal, a moment of freedom that I allow myself and that I offer.

My work consists of the creation of performative and choreographic guidelines that I transmit to interpreters (not actors generally) to be repeated until exhaustion and that leads to certain states, sensations, body languages, emotions and thoughts that I document in different ways such as photography, video and sound, generating a psychophysical document that translates as an initial work that I call a short sequence live scene that works as a mother mass. This work is branched taking various conceptual bodies as you attach scripts and sound pieces or other photographic pieces created specifically for the different projects that I approach from a psychological, social, philosophical or literary approach. I deny the completed work, perhaps because I find it difficult to understand finitude and certainty, although I exercise control of the scenes, I also leave to the brutality, the unexpected, the error, the ingenuity that are the interesting things to rescue in this work.

Es Baluard Image Research performance photgraphy Veru Iché
4th October 2018 → 6th October 2018