Screening: Las Sinsombrero II

«Ocultas e impecables»

  • Day: February 13, 2020
  • Time: 8:00 pm
  • Place: Auditori
  • Free activity

Es Baluard screens «Ocultas e impecables», the second part of «Las Sinsombrero», a documentary that focuses on the artists and intellectuals of the 27th Generation that history has forgotten about. The film’s director, Tània Balló, will attend the activity in a double program «Las Sinsombrero».

Prior to the screening, at 7:00 pm, the book Tània Balló wrote, linked to the audiovisual project, will be presented. The two appointments will be presented by: Victòria Morell, documentary filmmaker and delegate of the Association of Women Filmmakers at CIMA Balears, and Magda Rubí, teacher at ESADIB and audiovisual media researcher.

These activities are part of the complementary program to the exhibitions of the first quarter of 2020 in Es Baluard that open on February 20: Ana Vieira, Martha Rosler and Marina Planas.

In 1939, with the triumph of fascism and the establishment of the Franco dictatorship, many of those who fought for freedom set out on exile. But others decided to stay. Tania Balló comments that “in this case we approach the Sinsombrero who could not or did not want to be exiled and what constituted the slab of the Franco regime on an authorship that was built under the dream of freedom”. Elena Fortún, Delhy Tejero, Ángeles Santos, Lucía Sánchez Saornil, Margarita Manso, Carmen Conde and Consuelo Berges are the stars of this second part of «Las Sinsombrero».

The artists who stayed in Spain, also protagonists of the creative and libertarian boom that represented the republican years, had to sacrifice their transgressive spirit to adapt to the new feminine, submissive and devotee role imposed by the winners. A regression that most of them fought from a sharp inner exile but did not stop them from continuing to create and evolve as authors. Their names, like those of their companions who went into exile, were not included in the new memorial account, an incomplete memory.

«Ocultas e impecables» was awarded the ProDoc prize for the best television documentary by the Docs festival in Barcelona.

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13th February 2020 → 13th February 2020