Collectives in the Observatori

15th anniversary of Es Baluard

• Days: from April 4 2019 to January 5 2020
• Time: check the schedule for each of the events
• Space: Observatori
• Free activity

Es Baluard launches a new collaborative initiative, framed within the program of the 15th anniversary of the museum: the proposals of three projects chosen in a call for groups at the end of last year, which took into account the social and civic dimension of the approach. Each one of them will present in the Observatori a different project according to their scope of action and common interests. The invited groups are: Pecan Pie music and culture, Clúster del Còmic i Nous Mèdia from Mallorca and Platform Harakat.

Since 2013, Es Baluard has implemented horizontal work formulas with the various agents and groups in the immediate environment and in national and international networks. From that moment the bases of the collaborative model open to the different producing, programming or activist communities were established. This common construction was materialized in medium-term alliances as associate or collaborating groups and others. In addition other more sectorized meetings were produced by areas (scenic, audiovisual, artistic practices, etc).


NuSongs. Acoustic concert series. From April 4 to June 13

Pecan Pie organizes four concerts within the framework of a music cycle in acoustic format. The concerts will always be on Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. and admission is free until full capacity is reached. Singer-songwriter Roger Pistola will be in charge of opening NuSongs on 4 April. The following appointments with the public will be on April 25, May 9 and May 30. Groups will be announced approximately two weeks before each performance.

Aphorisms, notes and notes in verse by Andreu Vidal. Illustrated by Max, Margalida Vinyes, Enriqueta Llorca, Pere Joan and Linhart. From August 21 to September 22. Opening: August 20 at 7:00 pm.

The Clúster de Còmic i Nous Mèdia de Mallorca will start from the poetry of Andreu Vidal (Palma, 1959-1998) to propose an exhibition proposal that goes beyond the usual, the page format of the comic language, through an approach audiovisual that can last beyond the exhibition. To do this, they will work on their Notes in vers that are part of the work “FürZamme”, which generates a universe of evocative images with a refined language, intense and full of musicality. The idea is to invite six local authors who will be among them: Max, Pere Joan, Linhart, Enriqueta Llorca or Margalida Vinyes, who will develop one or several proposals.

Estat previ. Days of reflection on the value of the file without intervening. From November 7th 2019 to January 5th 2020

Platform Harakat will carry out an assembly on the archives in previous state, those that have not been intervened by specialized institutions or that remain in the peripheries of their possible interest, unexplored, paying attention to the state of the file prior to its manipulation for management, classification and quantification. It will have various materials proposed by Pedro G. Romero, Edu Comelles, Ricardo Pérez-Hita, Francesca Masoero, Nabil Djedouani, Marina Planas and Marta Sesé. Despite the eclecticism of the formats and contents, the common denominator between all of them and all of us is the discourse and meta-archival practice to activate the archive from unexplored perspectives.

4th April 2019 → 30th November 2019